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Asia IoT Business Platform is a good business platform that gathers ASEAN members to share opinions and experiences. I can see a lot of opportunities for collaboration projects, which is helpful. As Thailand is the chairman of ASEAN this year, we are looking for collaborators in ASEAN.
- Dr. Monsak Socharoentum, Director, Digital Economy Promotion Agency, Thailand

I had a very good experience here! Personally, I think the organisers did well in gathering the industry players and government to look into the future of IoT - not only from the strategy viewpoint but also the great quantity of solutions provided by the exhibitors. I’m already looking forward to the next Asia IoT Business Platform conference.
- Dr. Liu Qiao, CTO, 3M Japan

The event has given us a great platform to be able to speak to a broad variety of stakeholders across multiple industries and allow us to convey our strategy. We shared a lot of the portfolio of our organisation and gathered feedback from the stakeholders.
- Michael Gow, Enterprise Account Manager - South Asia, BlackBerry

It’s a very high quality conference at multiple levels - the number and type of people who came. It’s a very diverse group with representatives from the government and private sectors. The presentations by the representatives of government are hugely enlightening to me, I’m also struck by the quality of presentations by the private sector counterparts, both from established place In the market and also startup entrepreneurs who brought whole range of new products and service ideas to the conference, I was actually very impressed by this.
- Prasanna Lal Das, Lead Knowledge Management Officer, Trade & Competitiveness - South Asia, World Bank